White wedding dress Jennifer


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Plus size wedding dresses Melbourne presents the Jennifer this white wedding dress will give you the ultimate waistline (even if you don’t have one) made from a duchess delustered satin with beaded lace bodice and sweeping skirt for a grand entrance. This gown has the magic corset stitched inside and a lace up the back guaranteeing a perfect fit.

Bridal gowns with a lace up back Why?

Many of our gowns feature a lace up the back. And there is a good reason for this.

Things to take into account when buying a gown with a zip. If you are planning to be married in the summer months do you tend to retain fluid in hot weather even a little bit can be obvious in a corseted zip back gown as it is not flexible like our normal clothing. The last thing you want is to be oozing over the top of your gown.

Also your cycle can play a dramatic role as some of us can go up a bra cup size virtually overnight. Plus if you are stressing and lose weight just before the wedding your gown wont be falling down. So as you can see there are a lot of good reasons for having a lace up the back. Apart from the fact that it is so very cute.

Exclusive to Plus Size Perfection Bridal part of the Leah S. Design studios located just 30 minutes from Melbourne city center.

We believe we have the best range of plus size Wedding Dresses in Melbourne, Buy your Bridal gown directly from the designer and save without compromising on quality or style. Plus Size Perfection Bridal manufactures and Designs a wide range of wedding gown styles from the traditional to the outrageous. Plus Size Perfection Wedding gown shop is conveniently located in Hallam, just 7 minutes from Dandenong and 30 minutes from Melbourne.

Also available from Perfection Bridal wedding dress shop.

  • Wedding dress shoes up to SIZE 13.
  • Bridal veils designed and made by Plus Size Perfection Bridal.
  • Jewellery designed to compliment your Bridal dress.
  • Bridal Jackets with 2 sleeve lengths Size 18 to 32.
  • Specialist wedding gown alterations.
  • Plus Size wedding Bras and Shape wear to wear under your Jennifer gown.
  • Larger Size garters.
  • Sizes:18 - 26
  • Colours:White only

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