Have a Wedding Dress budget before you go.

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Have a Wedding Dress budget before you go.

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Wedding dress shopping made easy.

What is your budget, can you go slightly over or do you have to stick to it, do you want a gown custom made.

If you have a budget, don’t be afraid to let your consultant know from the beginning. Even tell who you are shopping with so they don’t pull out a $2,000 wedding gown when you want to spend $500. We will do our best to keep with in your budget.

Golden rule: one of the many lessons learnt from say yes to the dress is, don’t try on any thing that’s way out of your budget, you are almost guaranteed to love it, the more expensive the dress the fabric is better quality, there will be more lace, and the construction will be more fitted. So be very careful.

Why is Plus Size Perfection Wedding dresses priced so reasonably?

At Plus Size Perfection Bridal gowns we Design our wedding gowns and we manufacture them. There are no middle men just us.

This is how our prices start at $399 to $2000 we have many styles of wedding dresses to try on, you will be able to try on gowns in your size and see exactly what you are getting from the very beginning. At Plus Size Perfection Bridal you can customize straps, necklines, hem length, taking the dress in or letting the dress out.

What is a couture dress?

Good Couture will start at about $6,500 around $9000 is the norm. Couture is where an atelier will make a certain style to your requirements you will be able to look at the samples in the showroom, these samples are made for magazines photo shoots and runways shows, they are usually a size 6. The designer isn’t doing this to be mean it’s because each dress takes months to make and is a large financial outlay if the sample doesn’t sell. You will get a one off gown. If you are looking for a couture gown we are more than happy to recommend places in Melbourne to go.

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