Bridal flip flops for a beach wedding

The Shelly wedding flip flops the best wedding shoes ever. Not only do you gain extra height but great style and comfort.

How exciting you have just found the perfect pair of wedding dress shoes. They are gorgeous the ray of light came down upon them and said these shoes must be mine. Yes the heels are a lot higher than you would normally wear but they will look great under my bridal gown.

However after wearing them around the house for a few days, trying to get used to them. You know these gorgeous bridal shoes will be a painful nightmare if you wear them all day and evening.

And the last thing you want on your wedding day is sore feet.

Wedding flip flops can save your hem.

Most wedding dresses are made from quite delicate bridal fabrics. That don’t like being dragged around a dance floor.  So after the ceremony and photos with those gorgeous bridal heels.

Take them off and party the night away in the ultimate comfortable shoes for a bride.The Shelly wedding flip flops. They will keep your hemline up off the dance floor. This will alleviate any damage to your wedding dress hem. And also keeping your feet blister free.

Beach wedding flip flops

If you are planning a beach wedding the Shelly flip flops are a great look. Giving you stability and comfort on and off the sand.

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