Wedge wedding shoes Melbourne

Wedge wedding shoes
Wedding dress shoes Alice


Beach or garden wedding shoes

With a classic wedge heel you wont be sinking into the grass if you are having an outdoor ceremony. Or any bride having a beach wedding no sinking into the sand for you. An ideal pair of flat wedding shoes for outdoors is the Beth ballet slippers.

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Bridal tip: Always take your wedding shoes to your wedding dress alterations appointments. Your dressmaker will need them to adjust your hem line and if you have a train on your gown your bridal shoes are important to get that length right too. Also take your undergarments that you will be wearing on the day to achieve the best gown fit. Perfection bridal offers expert wedding dress alterations.

Bridal bag to match your wedding shoes

The bag is sometimes the little bridal accessory that is forgotten. However it is an important accessory as being caught without a good supply of tissues and lip stick in the right colour. Or other emergency items could make your day miserable. We also make dilly bags to match our wedding dresses.