Why you shouldn’t buy your wedding dress online.

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Why you shouldn’t buy your wedding dress online.

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Warning before you buy a wedding dress online.

Its the old saying that really rings true. In this case if it seems to good to be true it usually ends in tears.

Why you shouldn’t buy your wedding dress online.

Maybe you’ve had your perfect wedding dress pictured in your mind since you were a little girl, or maybe you have no idea where to start or what you might want; either way you are going to be searching for ‘the one’. As many of us do now, you might begin your search online, clicking through hundreds upon hundreds of images, searching for the dress that will make you feel like the bride you want to be.

During this search we are all tempted by great images of amazing dresses and we wonder how we might look in that daring neckline or fairytale princess gown. But before you go the so it may seem easy route and click-click-purchase.

Why not to buy online wedding dresses

For more online disasters check out the Daily mail article.

Here are a few things you should consider first.

Buying a wedding dress online not only steals those amazing shopping moments with loved ones and tears away those funny stories of that unfortunate dress you tried on, but it leaves a lot to chance. Most web sites use flashy techniques and seemingly low prices to pull you in and convince you you’ll get the gown of your dreams for the price of your dreams, but that is rarely the case. You need to feel the fabric, see the delicate beading up close, watch how the lighting changes the colours of the gown, chat to consultants, ask opinions and eventually have that beautiful moment when you wiggle in to ‘the dress’ and you just know it’s the one you are going to wear on your wedding day.

Many online international stores boast high-fashion images and fantastic discounts but deliver anything but a nightmare and an emptier bank account. Not only are these fashion images stolen from actual labels, but they are manipulated and distorted beyond all forms of reality. The designs in these images are then duplicated using lesser quality fabrics in unpredictable and unrealistic sizing and distributed to unsuspecting soon-to-be brides. Dont believe me here are some real life stories</a > on why you shouldn’t buy your wedding dress online.

So sure, look online, flip through the pages of bridal magazines and get to know your options. Then before you click away, head in to a specialist plus size bridal store like Perfection Bridal, gaze over the gowns, feel the fabrics, try you on the sizes and know what you’re buying.

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