What does an A-line wedding dress look like.

An A-line wedding dress has to be the most popular style of plus size gowns. Providing timeless style and easy to wear elegance. It is understandably the most popular of all the bridal styles as it suits most body shapes.

A-line wedding dress style Penny

What is an A-line wedding dress style.

The A-Line style is narrow at the top with a fitted figure hugging bodice and waistline. Flowing over the hips and falling to the floor just slightly wider than the hip line width. Creating an A shaped Silhouette. Our Desire gown is a very good example of an A-line design. you can see how it gives an ideal hourglass shape.


Will an A Line wedding dress suit me?

This is an excellent bridal gown style for plus size wedding dresses. The Aline pattern will give you a stunningly curvy silhouette. It is easier to manage than a ballgown with a full skirt.

Perfect wedding dress silhouette for a pear shaped bride.

It is important to try on this style in your size as the waistline needs to sit on your natural waistline. Also to check that there is enough fabric in the skirt so that it flows over the hips and doesn’t cling and ride up. A beaded or lace bodice will add balance and enhance the hour glass shape of a pear shape figure.


A-line wedding dress styles for a bigger bust.

There are certain necklines that will compliment a bigger bust. If you are an E cup or over we would highly recommend that you choose a wedding dress with straps for extra support. Even if the gown has full boning. If you have a bigger bust and a shorter neck a sweetheart or scoop neckline will be flattering necklines. Also a V neck A-line gown will also be flattering and give the illusion of a slender torso. Check out our tips for bigger busted brides.


Best bridal fabrics for an A-line bridal gown.

Choose a gown made from a thicker delustered bridal satin base as this will give body and shape to the design and prevent it grabbing the tummy area. An overlay of bridal lace or chiffon will soften the look and give a romantic look. For the fuller figure stay away from softer shiny satin fabrics as they tend to cling and create shadows. Usually where you don’t want them.


Wedding veils for Aline silhouette.

This classic and traditional style suits a finger tip veil. Without too much volume as you want to compliment your silhouette not overwhelm it. A longer veil can also be worn either a chapel length or cathedral veil. An especially good choice for a trainless gown the longer veil will add drama for the service and photos but when taken off it will let you party after. Shoulder length short veils are not suitable for an A-line wedding dresses as the balance is not quite right unless you have chosen an A line short gown then a shoulder length style will create a fabulous retro look.

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