Collection: Boleros

Lace Boleros and Jackets.

Perfection Bridal Australia Designs a range of jackets and boleros to match or bridal gown collection. 

Elegance and Style

  • Versatility in Design: Plus Size Perfection Bridal Australia offers a range of boleros that cater to diverse bridal styles. Whether you're seeking lace, satin, or embellished designs, a bolero can complement your gown and add a layer of sophistication. This accessory can transform your look from ceremony to reception, offering two styles in one day.
  • Seasonal Adaptability: A bolero is perfect for brides marrying in cooler months or requiring a modest cover-up for religious ceremonies. It provides warmth without compromising on style, ensuring you remain comfortable throughout your special day.
Lace bridal jacket with 3/4 sleeves

Boleros offer a Flattering Fit for Curvy Figures

  • Enhanced Silhouette: For curvy brides, a bolero can help balance proportions and enhance the natural silhouette. The right style can accentuate the waistline and provide a flattering fit that complements the curves.
  • Customizable Coverage: Whether you're self-conscious about your arms or looking for extra coverage,Lace toppers offer a customizable option to suit your comfort level. Plus Size Perfection Bridal Australia understands the unique needs of curvy brides, offering designs that enhance your figure while providing the coverage you desire.

Your day, your way

  • Express Your Personality: A bolero allows brides to express their individuality. With various fabrics and details available, you can choose a piece that reflects your personality and wedding theme, making your bridal look uniquely yours.
  • All-day Comfort: Comfort is key on your wedding day. A bolero not only adds a layer of elegance but also ensures you remain comfortable throughout the day and night. It's easy to remove, allowing you to transition between different parts of your celebration seamlessly.
Fur wrap

Cultural and Religious Considerations

  • Respectful Adaptability: For weddings where cultural or religious norms dictate modesty, a bolero is an excellent way to adhere to these traditions while still showcasing your style. Our bolero and jacket collection offers options that meet these needs without sacrificing fashion.

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