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Garden wedding real plus size brides

Nicole and Andrews wedding features an amazing wedding at a family farm that boasts a stunning bride and groom.  The couple stayed at the Pakenham farm for the whole weekend and glamped with the bridal party and guests.

I am not a huge camper but I could definitely be a glamper. I can’t get over the magical feel of the wedding from the beautifully manicured garden to the amazing arbor filled with lights.  It’s stunning, Nicole was thankful to her father in law who placed all the fairy lights, The bride and groom  didn’t even realise they were there until dusk set in.

 The ability to self-cater was really important to us so we could select all of the food and drink options ourselves. We had food trucks and Andrew’s Mum did a dessert table as well as lots of different drink options.

We also glamped all weekend at the venue with our bridal party and a bunch of friends which made the whole weekend a really fun, social time. We wanted our wedding to feel really personal just like us.

Our ceremony was particularly personal we each wrote our own vows. Of course making each other cry. There was lots of music and delicious food all night and we really wanted everyone to just relax and have a great time.”

Thank you Nichole for sharing your inspirational brides story.

Summer real plus size brides

Gippsland Gorgeousness Inspirational Brides

A summer renewal of the vows that the couple wanted a very simple and close to home.  They chose the Gippsland lakes because of the wet lands gave a traditional yet simple feeling to their second wedding day.

Ruth never got the first wedding of her dreams, with a rushed registry office and over the past 30 years the proper wedding still hadn’t happened. My sister and her husband married us, it meant a lot to have a couple we admire and so close to us a part of our big day. was the day she had always wanted, shared with 120 family and friends.


Winter real plus size brides

Winter wedding

Madison and Matthew got married in the highlands of Victoria and it was everything that they could have asked for. There were only 15 guests and it was such a warm and cozy event that it makes me wish I could have been there. I just love everything about this winter wedding.

We’re both introverts, who are from large families, and have lots of friends. So we were torn over what to do when it came to getting married. We love our friends and families, but a big event just didn’t feel right for us.

We decided to go with an elopement style wedding but still keeping it some what local. We only invited our parents and siblings, and ended up with a group of 15. It turned out to be everything we had dreamed of; intimate, beautiful, special and a family oriented event.

Real plus size brides Outback Wedding

Nicole’s out back wedding in the Kimberly ranges had friends family and of course horses. Along with an amazing sunset mountain backdrop. The couple wanted to incorporate their love for one another in a relaxed and genuine setting. I’d say they definitely accomplished that!

There will be quite a few more inspirational brides stories from Plus Size Perfection Bridal Australia for 2024 we will keep you posted. You can see their wedding dresses and hear about their day and bridal tips.

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