Best shopping advice for plus size brides in 2024

Shopping advice for plus size brides

Expert shopping advice for Plus size brides.

Guaranteeing a stress free experience.

Planning a wedding is a busy time filled with excitement, anticipation, and nerves. What follows is the best four pieces of shopping advice for plus size brides to help make the process easier and maintain this momentous occasion's positivity.


We hope this expert advice will help relieve any anxiety you may have about finding your dream dress. Making  this fantastic time fun and memorable for all the right reasons.

1. Do your research and phone ahead.

  Doing some basic research will save you a lot of time and ensure this occasion is stress free. Each designer has a distinct style. So before booking an appointment, be sure to research what is on offer to ensure that the designer suits your style, size, and needs. Call first to check that the styles you like are in store and in your size to try on. Sadly some bridal shops advertise plus size gowns but only have sizes 10 and 12 in stock.

They expect you to order a gown that you haven't tried on. That's a big mistake! How will you know that the cup size in the corset will be right for you? There will be an unattractive oozing bust line if it is too small. Too big, and you will be lost in the gown. How will you know if the waist will sit on your waistline, creating optimal shaping of your silhouette? We recommend trying on in your size or one size smaller or one size bigger, so you will know that it will suit you. A simple phone call can also establish how many different styles you can try on in your size range.

Questions to ask bridal shops, use our list to help:

  • What sizes do they have in store?
  • How many different styles will there be for you to try on, not just look at?
  • Do I need to make an appointment?
  • What is their price range.
  • Do you have lay-buy?
  • How long does it take them to make a dress?
  • Do they have off the rack in your size available ?
  • How many people can I bring with me?
  • Can in house alterations be done there?
  • Is there parking available?
  • Can accessories be bought in the boutique too?

2. Plan your dress price point before you go.

 How much do wedding dress cost? Well, that depends on the dress you want. For instance, a full ball gown with a long train will cost much more than a soft free-flowing casual style. Beadwork and lace are also expensive, and the more on the gown, the higher the price. Expect a ready-made wedding dress style to cost between $1,200 to $3,000 Depending on the designer, a gown made just for you or a couture gown is $3,000 to $19,000.

The average wedding dress price in Victoria in 2020 was around $2,800 Remember to add an allowance for alterations to be done to your gown. Yes, I know you have seen online gowns selling for $299; however, buyer beware. It is rare that you will get the dress in the picture, and if you are over a size 12, the fit will be suspect. All in all, you get what you pay for. If you are on a budget, ask the bridal shop if they have plus size sale gowns. To calculate your approximate bridal size, go one or two sizes up from the size you wear in street clothing.

3. Be selective who you take with you.

Bring supportive and understanding people.

The journey to find the perfect gown is different for everyone and can be deeply personal. As such, it is best to be sure that those you bring along support this. A mistake often made by brides is that they bring too many people, frightened of excluding someone. It can result in pressure to try gowns that aren't reflective of your own personal style. Too many people lead to conflicting opinions that leave everyone confused. Therefore, our advice to brides is to bring maybe one or two people along to a first fitting. These people should have a taste to reflect your own, and you should be able to rely on them to contribute only helpful opinions. Ultimately remember your day your way. It is sometimes beneficial if they know what you are prepared to spend so they don't have you trying on gowns that will break the budget.

4. When to start looking for your dream dress.


Be aware of gown making times.

Depending on the designer, it might take more than six months to make and deliver a dress. It would be best to consider the time affordances when organizing your wedding. Finding a dress, making it, and then allowing for alterations is quite a lengthy process, so don't leave your shopping until the last minute.  Leaving too little time may force you to make a hasty decision that you will later regret—leaving you with a simplified option that does not quite meet the dreams you had for your wedding gown. In saying that, this is also not a shopping decision that should be made years in advance. 

Ever changing bridal fashion.

Tastes, styles, and trends are all fluid in the wedding industry, changing all the time. Shopping for your gown too far in advance can be just as dangerous as leaving things until the last minute. We recommend starting looking about seven months before the wedding day. If you do not have the luxury of time. Plus size Perfection Bridal carries a vast stock of different wedding gown styles and sizes in stock to purchase off the rack.  I hope this blog helps shopping for all our plus size brides easier and fun.
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