5 Wedding Dress shopping tips Plus size

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5 Wedding Dress shopping tips Plus size

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It is the dress that you have dreamed of since you were just a little girl.

Your wedding dress!

This is a busy time, filled with excitement, anticipation and nerves. What follows is the best 5 pieces of advice that we can offer brides when shopping for a wedding gown, to help make the process easier and maintain the positivity of this momentous occasion.

  1. Do your research
    Your wedding should be a celebration of you and your partner, and so doing some basic research will not only save you a lot of time, but will also ensure that this occasion is a reflection of the unique bond that you share. Each designer has his or her own distinct style, and so before booking in an appointment be sure to research what is on offer, to ensure that it suits your style and needs. Here at Plus Size Perfection Bridal we stock Melbourne’s most extensive range of Plus Size Wedding gowns in stock in all sizes to try on (not just one or 2 like most wedding dress shops), believing that every bride deserves to look beautiful on her wedding day. And this doesn’t necessarily have to break the bank! It can be heart breaking for a bride to find the perfect gown, only to discover that it does not fit within her budget. Our gowns start from just $399.00, and are designed to suit brides of all shapes and sizes, on any budget. The Plus Size Perfection vision is one of elegance and class, and is accessible for everyone.
  2. Be selective about who to bring along.
    The journey to find the perfect gown is different for everyone, and can be deeply personal. As such it is best to be sure that those who you bring along are supportive in this. A mistake often made by brides is that they bring excessively large parties, frightened of excluding someone important. This can result in pressure to try gowns that aren’t reflective of the bride’s style, or too many conflicting opinions that simply leave everyone confused.
    Our advice to brides therefore, is to bring maybe one or two people along to a first fitting. These people should have taste to reflect your own, and you should be able to rely on them to contribute only useful opinions. Plus size Perfection has a fully trained staff that a more than happy to help you choose gowns that will suit your figure shape. After all this is the gown that signifies one of the most important days of your life, and so you want it to be reflective of whom you and your partner are at heart.
  3. Be prepared for appointments.
    Whether you have made only one appointment or several, the rules are the same. Dress in loose, comfortable clothing that is easy to change in and out of, and will not leave marks on your skin. It is also essential that you dress in appropriate underwear. It is difficult to get the full effect of a gown when distracted by black bra straps, or an underwear line. If you have already decided on underwear for your special day then bring it along!
    In terms of hair and make up, minimalistic approaches work best. Not only can dramatic makeup looks detract from the effect of a gown, you also run the risk of leaving make up trails behind you on the dresses themselves. Try for something neutral that will allow you to visualize the potential offered by each dress that you try.
    Finally, whilst most appointment run for only an hour or an hour and a half, it is important that you organize your day so that you have time to sit and reflect on what you have seen. After a while dresses may blend together, and so try to memorize your favorite details to be sure that you don’t forget, as not all designers will allow you to take photographs. This is also a great opportunity to make sure that you get some food into you, after all a hungry bride will not be able to enjoy this special time!
  4. Be aware of the timing.
    Depending on the designer, it might take more than six months for a dress to be made and delivered, and so it is important that you consider the time affordances when organizing your wedding. Finding a dress, having it made, and then allowing for alterations is quite a lengthy process that should not be left until the last minute. Leaving too little time may force you to make a hasty decision that you will later regret, or may leave you with a simplified option that does not quite meet the dreams you had for your wedding gown. In saying that, this is also not a decision that should be made years in advance. Tastes, styles and trends are all fluid in the wedding industry, and so shopping for your gown too far in advance can be just as dangerous as leaving things until the last minute. We recommend start looking about 7 months before the wedding day. If you do not have the luxury of time Plus size Perfection Bridal carries a vast stock of different wedding gown styles and sizes in stock to purchase. It is best in this to decide on a timeline and stick to it.
  5. Keep an open mind.
    Shopping for your wedding gown should be exciting! Don’t be afraid to try styles or silhouettes that are unexpected or different from what you first thought you would like, as you may just fall in love. Keep an open mind when shopping, and allow yourself to experience the full range of emotions that come with finding your dream Wedding dress.

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