Wedding Jewellery

Let your Wedding Dress guide your choice of Wedding Jewellery.

Look for wedding jewellery that will compliment the colour, fit, and neckline of your gown. A great rule of thumb is that if your bridal gown has a moderate amount or no embellishments, you might like to choose a statement necklace.

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If you do, be sure to choose smaller earrings and proportionate headwear so that your necklace is the feature. The same rule applies to wedding earrings. If you choose long chandelier earrings, then maybe opt for no necklace and a fantastic bridal headpiece to match the dresses embellishments and the earrings. It would help if you chose your jewellery so that each piece compliments the other.

A common mistake made is for brides to choose their necklace from one store, bracelet from another, and earrings from another. Without being able to make sure that they all coordinate and complement their gown of choice. Plus Size Perfection Melbourne bridal shop offers more than just fabulous wedding dresses for sale.

We also stock an extensive range of wedding accessories, specifically designed to match our gowns and each other. We delight in helping our brides find a complete look to suit their personalities and style for their special day. The Hello lovers Australia bridal jewellery range now in store.

Wedding dress earrings Melbourne

When choosing Wedding Earrings, the first thing to consider is how you would like to style your hair. For instance, if your wearing your hair down, a slightly longer pair might be more appropriate. Also, consider the length of your neck and width of your shoulders and try to choose an earring that is not too wide or long to proportionate everything. The same applies to crowns and tiaras hairstyle, and face shape should be taken into account.

Wedding jewellery necklaces

Need to be proportionate to the neck and shoulders in length and width. If you feel that you have a wider neck, a necklace that features tapered detail and is a V in shape is likely to be complimentary. It would be best if you also considered the neckline of the gown that you have chosen. If it is V neck or sweetheart in shape, a drop necklace is likely the way to go. A bridal necklace is not only about design and shape.

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